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Welcome to the Hunt4trout Website!


Hello Fellow Fly Fishing Extravaganza Particpants! It is time to start planning for the annual trip to the Catskills. It would seem that Mother Nature refuses to cooperate, however Al Gore has promised me global warming and dammit, I expect the snow to stop anytime....anytime now....seriously, anytime...

 This year will be our 27th Annual Trip

The date of the trip is set!

May 18th through May 24th, 2018

Advance Party - Friday is a Pot Luck Dinner

Road kill does not count as a dish...unless it is fresh...then it's is not like we haven't done it before, By the way; I did have some guinea pig while in Peru, so if you are looking for the something special for dinner, stop at the pet store on your way up buy a bunch of them. It will be like the lobster tank at the seafood store, everyone can pick their own guinea pig for Chuck and Jim to cook. 

Feedback and other things to do

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​The Poobah is a slacker and will combine 2016 and 2017  pictures in to one long photo montage; this way it looks like it is just one long trip!!

Photo Montage of the 2015 Annual Extravaganza

Photo Montage of the 2014 Annual Extravaganza

Photo Montage of 2012 Annual Extravaganza

Photo Montage of the 2011 Trip

Photo Montage of the 2010 Trip

The guest book, calendar and other widgets are fully operational!

 Check them out and send me a message. If you would like to get something posted, send it to me and if it meets the high standards of the Extravaganza web site oversight committee it will get posted.

I am, as always,

Piscatorially yours,

The Supreme Zen Master

Poobah of Trout and Jelly Eggs


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